[Final] What has most dramatically changed

During this semester I learned many things: rhetorical methods, sentence works, key terms, etc. Thus, I think I got some improvement from this ENG 201 class. But when I think about what has most dramatically changed, I think about  my writing process. Since I started to write English essay, I always knew that I have organization problems when I write essay. When I have a tutoring course, tutor said my organization have a problem and recommend me to write front page which is about how will I going to write an essay, and what organization will I have. From this class, I learned rhetorical methods. I think this is really helped me to improve my essay. Before, I learned about rhetorical methods, I did not thought about audience, media and genre. I sometimes write front page for planning my essay organization and structure, but did not thought about rhetorical methods. I did not think that is really important in writing. Thus, I use to think about what is my stance and start to write essay. Therefore, sometimes it gets mess, and readers could not understand. For example in first draft of literacy narrative essay, I did not thought about rhetorical methods really. So, it has genre, but it did not have exact stance. In my first draft of literacy narratvie essay, my stance keep changed. Even though I wrote my stories, but my stance about my stories keep changed. For example, in my narrative essay, I said I had a hard time and figure out how to overcome it, and then I suddenly said writing English essay is hard. It just not make sense. I assume that is because it was long time ago and my stance is not fixed perfectly. Therefore, in the end of the ENG 201 class, I wrote my first page about how I going to write essay, what is my purpose and whoes are my audience. Also, I checekd my idea and supporting evidences too. Like this, my writing process has been changed while I learned rhetorical methods, and how to write better essay during the semester. Having a first page really helped me to write better essay with better organization of the essay. Now, if I wrote first page, I could have right organization: introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion, and by that I could show better body paragraph. Therefore, I believe my writing process has most dramatically changed during this semester.


[Final] Discuss and apply five rhetorical terms from key words

The word secondary source’s dictionary definition is any source about an event, period, or issue in history that was produced after that event, period or issue has passed. Aside from a textbook, the most commonly assigned secondary source is a scholarly monograph – a volume on a specific subject in the past, written by an expert. In ENG 201 class, I learned the word secondary source means the research sources that from internet, textbooks, news, etc. In other words, the secondary source is the scource that is not from me. It is the source that I did: interview, research that I did. People use secondary source because usually research takes long time and people do not have enough time to do the whole research by timesleves, therefore, people use secondary source. Also, people use secondary source to exaplain or describe their research topic more specifically. I choose this word, because I used secondary source  a lot during I do the project 2 and 3. In project 2 I searched secondary source for check the meaning of the multilingualism. Also, I got secondary source from classblog which I used it for my research paper about multilingualism. However, in project 3, I searched secondary source a lot more than I do the project 2. Because while I do the project 2, I just look for the secondary source for check the meaning of the multilingualism and I got two secondary sources from classblog without any effort. But when I did project 3, I had to search my sources by myself. I searched secondary sources for get information about literacy crisis. After I got information about literacy crisis, I choose my topic of advertisement, and searched again for more information that relavant with my topic. By practicing find secondary sources from project 2 and 3 I learned how to find secondary sources more efficiently and how to use it well. For the last, the secondary source was really helpful source for my writing during this ENG 201 class, thus, the word secondary source is important word to me.

[Final] Rhetorical analysis of writing

In project. 3 Marketing Analysis, audience of my rationale was parents who have children. My purpose was warn parents to educate their children to avoid literacy crisis.My design of advertisement is picture of empty bookshelf with warning sign. It made for newspaper or magazine advertisement. With this advertisement, I urge the parents to let their children have more exposure in literature. Because according to my research amount of exposure of literature is necessary to avoid literacy crisis in childhood and if children did not have enough exposure in literature, they have possibility to grow up as adolescent who struggle in literature. My rationale has logos which is statistics about literacy crisis, and result of the literacy crisis.

[Final] Critique of project

According to the toulmin arguemtn analysis, there are six sources for analysis my writing. In my project. 2, I claimed that I going to analyze my use of language during 24 hours time period and analyse and find which method of language uses that I used most, and what language that I used most. As a result of the research, I got evidence of 24 hours of languages uses and analyze it. Before, I do the research, I assume that I will use converstaional Korean most. However, according to the result, I used standard English most. I assume the reasons are because it was during the semester and it was weekdays. I believe the result would be different if it was weekend and during the vacation. Because I usually do not have contact with other people during weekdays and do not go outside during the semester. Becuase I have big different activity schedule during semester and weekdays, their’s limitaion. I can not say it is average result of my language uses, because we do not have lots of time to have a research and it was the project during the semester. Also, in my research I said it was 24 hour time period research, but I did not exclude sleeping time period, and I round the seconds of the mesured time. Based on my result and analyze, I think my project.2 has a strong argument. My research has different result with I expect at first, but I analyze it as three charts: what language that I used, what style of language that I used, and what kinds of language that I used. I analyze my result with various way and I put the resaons of the result that I get. Morover, I put the assumstion of if the time period or the time that I had an analyze was different. Therefore, I think my thinking was strong.

Sentence Work

1. Revise these sentences

Moreover, in my college in Korea, didn’t ask me to know how to write a essay, they just want me to get a good score in English test which is more about grammar.

– Moroever, my college did not ask me to know how to write an essay in Korea, and they just want me to get a good score in English grammar test.

– My college want me to have a good grade in grammar test, but not ask me to write a proper English essay.


2. The paragraph below has had all of the sentence punctuation and beginning-of-sentence capitalization removed

Actually, comparing my first writing work and recent work is kind of crule to me,

– Actually, comparing my first writing work and recent work is kind of cruel to me,

I feel like I do not have not much improvement in English, But these essays say that I’ve changed a lot.

–  I feel like I do not have not much improvement in English, but these essays say that I’ve changed a lot.

3. : and ;

Sentence : listing

Sentence ; sentence which is relevant.

Through the data chart, my language going to be divided in 3 languages: Korean, English, and Japanese. It shows what kinds of language that I used through charts: standard language, slang / conversational language, and texting.

Blog Peer Review

I visit Darius Depowski’s blog. I think his blog is well organized. To me, there was too many letters in front pages, but for finding the post, I think it was easy to access it. His blog also has different title : Knowledge is Power, Practice makes perfection, and I like the idea of changing the title. Also the title seems perfect match for ENG 201 class aim. But I could not find “About” pages. If the front page was more clear to see it, then it would be better. Like I said, to me the front page looks a little messy. But other than that one, I think it is good blog to find what I’m looking for and check what did he posts.


Reflection #7:  Print Ad Project (Required)

Discuss the role audience plays in determining what you said and how you said it.

Discuss how the media/design of this project enabled you to incorporate more visual components and how well those components turned out.  If you had more time or better access to software, what would you have done differently in terms of the visual part of this project?

How did you make sure that your rationale and ad had no errors?

The audience of my Print Ad Project is Parnets. By determining the audience as parnets, what I said in my Ad got emphasized. Also, there are empty bookshelf, and the sign said fill the empty bookshelf for help your children’s to avoid literacy crisis. By choosing audience as parents, instead of teachers and parents, my advertisement become clear and strong. Also, the visual advertisment help my advertisement to captured easily by readers. I made my advertisement with picture and sign. But if I had more time to make my advertisement better and if there was better skills and tools, I would make my advertisement as video. Because I think my advertisement is ok but only focusing on warning parents that they need to do something for their children to avoid literacy crisis. But if I made my advertisment as video, I could make my statement more strong. Also, I could show the positive effect when they offers more exposure of literature to parents. I could offer the statistic visually, and images that I believe more strong.

I would like to say my rationale does not have any problem, but it is not ture because I’m not perfect. But I reduce my mistakes and error as many as possible. I went to tutoring class, and checked my rationale with tutor. So, I checked what I missed and what I had to put more. Therefore, I think I reduced my error as many as I could.

Bonus Reflection


Discuss specific ways that you feel the study of rhetoric has or will prevent you from being bamboozled by the words, images and texts of others.  What has the study of rhetoric enabled you to do that you could not do before?

By the think about rhetorical method while I writing, I could avoid bamboozled writing little more. Because, basically, rhetorical method is about my writing purpose, audience, stance, genre, media / design, therefore, I could have more specific writing plan before I stared to write an essay. Also, by the media / design, I could develop my topic or emphasize it.  For example, like in the literacy narrative, I put the picture of a kid that study really hard, after the story that I really study hard. Because of the picture, my audience could have better idea about how much did I put my effort at that time. Moreover, by having a draft of rhetorical method about my essay, I could make sure what side I will stand, what topic did I choose, or how will I going to write. Before, I had this class about rhetorical method, I had an essay which was very important to me. However, because I did not know about having a draft of rhetorical method, I could not have a well developed essay. My stance keep changed while I wrote, my purpose also changed, and my audience did not chosen. Therefore, it was bamboozled. But the more big problem is at that time, when I wrote that one, I did not notice it, because I had no method to check my essay. So, I think learning about rhetorical method was very good study for my future essay. Because of the rhetorical method I could avoid the bamboozled stance or genre, and my purpose will be fixed before I start write an essay, and my essay will be more emphasized or developed by media / design.